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School App Features

iFox app is powerfully integrated with features to handle day to day operations of the school quite easily and efficiently as it kept evolving for nearly 2 decades of field testing. iFox provides vital information on-the-go to the management that helps to make critical decisions in running successful institutions.

Student Details

Access class lists anytime anywhere with your device.

Management Friendly

Management users can see real-time school information from the app.


Different communication channels are integrated into the software.

App Anywhere

Be it Android, iPhone, Tablet, Laptop or a desktop. Securely access the app with any of your devices.

Video Lessons

Teachers can give their best in video lessons as it lessens the traditional class management responsibilities.

Digital Learning

Step into a world of digital learning where paper is no longer compulsory.

A new tool at the disposal of educators.

School Apps are becoming the norm rather than the exception. They provide an economical and efficient way to communicate with the parents and pupils.

  • Get connected with your school parents and pupils no matter where they are.
  • Streamline your school in a digital way.
  • Keep track of all the activities that are going online.
  • Eliminate time consuming redundant work of teachers.
  • Reduce administration costs.

Like the rest of the world is already doing it, establishing a digital portfolio for your institution is necessary by extending sitebased operations to working online in the era of digital evolution.

Explore new possibilities in a digital world.

Rethink the nature of schooling in a connected world. Empower the young with technology assisted learning from an early stage.

It is surely time for all to understand that the highly sophisticated smartphones in the student’s hands are devices of enormous power and potential – that require smart minds to realise that potential.

Rethink the contribution that digital can make to the education and well-being of the nation’s young.

Parents can actively assist and monitor their kids

Now parents get to involve more in their kids learning journey.

  • Parents can view all the homework details assigned to their child in one place.
  • Get to know your kids learning timetable.
  • Helpdesk feature allows parents to get connected with the school and get their queires answered.

All these app features will provide enough information to the parents. This helps parents to plan well in advance for their kids much needed education.

Teachers continue their teaching with a mix of paper and digital resources.

It has opened the window for the serious consideration of how schools might better genuinely collaborate with their families in the education of the young in a networked society.

School app helps bridge the gap between teachers and parents and together the two can effectively collaborate and focus on improving student outcome. This app has a lot to offer to the teachers as it reduces their daily hassle and workload, both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Assign homework to all the students at once anytime and from anywhere.
  • Share study resources like Images, Videos or PDF files.
  • Taking attendance is now easy. Just mark the absentees.


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